County Committees

The League is represented on several state, regional and county committees and boards.  Appointments are approved by the Board of Directors and must be ratified by both the League's General Membership and the committee's governing body.  Members are notified of county/regional committee openings via e-mail. 

We appreciate our members who give their time to serve on League, County, State, and National committees.  

Request for Appointment to County/Regional Committee

Committee Openings

Impact Review Open to: Municipal Members Meetings: Quarterly; Mission: Submit reports to the BCC by February 15 and August 15 of each year relating to: implementation of Art. 10, Impact Fees; actual levels of service for the impact fees exacted in Art. 10; collection, encumbrance and expenditure of all impact fees collected pursuant to Art. 10; validity of the assumptions in the technical memoranda used to support the impact fee schedules in Art. 10; and any recommended amendment to Art. 10; review amendments to Art. 10 prior to their consideration by the BCC; and perform such other duties as the BCC deems appropriate.

Water Resource Task Force: Open to: Elected Officials; Meetings: Quarterly; Mission: Identify and evaluate opportunities & impediments to providing future water supply, conservation, wastewater treatment, & reuse or reclaimed water opportunities that are most efficient and cost effective.