October Meeting Recap 2017

Palm Beach County League of Cities
October 31, 2017

We thank the City of Boca Raton for hosting this month's League meetings.

Board Meeting The board reappointed Anna Yeskey to be the League representative on the PBC Land Development Regulation Advisory Board.

The Board received committee reports from the Lake Worth Lagoon Initiative and the DC Fly-In.

League Counsel Jennifer Ashton's full report can be found on our News:Meeting Notes page.

Executive Director Richard Radcliffe reminded the board of the Tri-Cities BBQ on December 1st in Belle Glade.

General Membership 

At the General Membership Meeting the membership heard from Allison Payne from the Florida League of Cities who provided an update on the Constitutional Revision Committee.

Next month we will be in Boynton Beach at Benvenuto Caterestaurant.