June Meeting Recap 2018

Palm Beach County League of Cities
June 29, 2018

We thank the Village of Wellington for hosting this months League meetings at the Wellington Community Center.

Board Meeting The Board appointed Councilmember Terence Davis as a regular to the Water Resource Task Force; Mayor Scott Singer as a regular to the School District of PBC Independent Sales Surtax Oversight Committee; Mayor Anne Gerwig and Vice mayor Kimberly Glas-Castro to the Issues Forum Executive Committee and recommended Mayor Anne Gerwig, Commissioner Keith James and Vice Mayor Andy Amoroso to the Florida League of Cities Board of Directors. The Board also appointed the chairs and members of the League standing committees for another year.

General Membership 

Our featured speakers were Steve Bordelon and Tina Travesio with Palm Beach County ISS who educated the membership on What You Need to Know About Ransomware.

League Counsel Jennifer Ashton updated us on pertinent legal issues (for full report go to our News:Meeting Notes page).


Next month we will be in Riviera Beach at the Manatee Lagoon Center on July 25.