January Meeting Recap 2016

Palm Beach County League of Cities
March1, 2016

We thank the Towns of Cloud Lake and Glen Ridge along with their sponsors Waste Management and the Professional Firefighters of Palm Beach County for hosting the February board and general membership meetings.

Board Meeting The board appointed Councilmember Patti Waller of Palm Springs to fill the vacant Board of Directors Dirstrict 2 Representative seat. Councilmember Waller was sworn in.

The Board approved ARI, Inc and the Cultural Council Palm Beach County assocaite member applications.

Executive Director Richard Radcliffe informed the board of the success of the Tri-Cities Barbeque and Palm Beach County Days.

General Membership Glen Ridge Mayor, Alice McLane and Cloud Lake Mayor Patrick Slatery welcomed the membership to the Palm Beach Hilton.

The guest speaker was Kathy Till from the Florida League of Cities who updated the membership on legislative session.

League Counsel Jennifer Gardner Ashton updated us on pertinent legal issues (for full report go to our News:Meeting Notes page).

Next month's meeting will be held at the Atlantis Country Club.