February Meeting Recap 2015

Palm Beach County League of Cities
February 30, 2015

We thank the Town of Palm Beach Shores for hosting us at their community center.

Board Meeting The board meeting started with a moment of silence in remembrance of board member Councilman Bill Manuel, who passed away.

The Board re-appointed Councilor Robert Gottlieb of South Palm Beach to the Impact Fee Committee and Commissioner Allie Biggs of Pahokee and Steve Waldman to the Advisory Boundary Committee.

President Wilson informed the board of this year's nominationg committee members: Vice Mayor Scott Maxwell, Councilor Todd Wodraska, Mayor Susan Haynie, Commissioner Lisa Tropepe, Mayor David Stewart and Commissioner Isaac Robinson. The board also heard committee reports from the Fire Service Committe and the Finance Committee.

General Membership Palm Beach Shores Mayor John Workman welcomed the membership to Palm Beach Shores.

Our featured speaker was Lisa Amara, PBC Senior Planner, who informed the membership "How BEBR Numbers are Populated and its Effects on Municipalities". Click Here for her presentation.

League Counsel Trela White updated us on pertinent legal issues (for full report go to our News:Meeting Notes page).

Executive Director Richard Radcliffe reminded everyone that next week is Palm Beach County Days in Tallahassee.

Next month we will be at the Greenacres Community Center on March 25th.