August 2012 Meetings Recap

We thank the Town of Lantana and the Solid Waste Authority for their hospitality, and Pearl's Restaurant for a delicious lunch.

Board Meeting  The Board kicked things off by approving the applications of five new Associate members:  Calvin, Giordano & Associates, Inc.; Housing Leadership Council of Palm Beach County; Central Palm Beach County Chamber of Commerce; Palm Beach County Food Bank, Inc.; and Northern Palm Beach County Chamber of Commerce.  Welcome aboard!

Former Delray Beach City Commissioner Patricia Archer was appointed to the League's seat on the Commission on Ethics.  She'll complete the term expiring in 2014.
The Board voted to make a minor change to the League's Bylaws, which was later ratified by the general membership.

They voted 'no opposition' to the proposed county ordinances on Regional Hazardous Materials Response, and Gas Station Refueling Assistance.
Reports were heard from the Fundraising Committee and the Lake Worth Lake Initiative Board.

General Membership Mayor David Stewart welcomed us to Lantana.  Also in attendance were Vice Mayor Phil Aridas, Vice Mayor Pro Tem Cindy Austino, and Councilmember Tom Deringer.  County Commissioner Steve Abrams and John Archambo of the Solid Waste Authority spoke to the group.  Our new associate members introduced themselves and their organizations.

The presentation was given by Workforce Alliance: Gerry Genovese, Carol Carlson, Helen Ott, and Kathy Bonner updated the members on the services available to them as employers.