Welcome to The Good Government Initiative

Palm Beach County League of Cities
April 18, 2012

At its March meetings, the Palm Beach County League of Cities welcomed a new Associate Member.

The Good Government Initiative at the University of Miami provides education and training for elected officials and those interested in running for office.

 “The mission of the Good Government Initiative is to cultivate leaders of excellence in South Florida through the development and training of elected officials as well as those aspiring to run for office, and to engage the community in its governance through outreach and education.”

 President and CEO Katy Sorenson is a former Miami-Dade County Commissioner. Inspired by the Kennedy School of Government at Harvard University, she sought to create a program to meet the needs of elected officials on the state and local levels. The Good Government Initiative serves the South Florida region from Monroe to Palm Beach counties.

Join us in welcoming our new member.


Ms. Sorenson and Jupiter Councilor Wendy Harrison